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Whether you enjoy horror and dark fantasy Dark Horror Post is a great place to relax and read our posts. We favor the fanciful characters of dark fantasy but will be sharing plenty of all forms of Horror. If you have a book or story you would like to share, please do.

For most writers and readers the quality is vital to the pleasure to be experienced. Settling to a comfortable perch to relax with some horror is great, but it must be good. The quality of your writing or your reading requires intensive search for the best stories available and is vital therefore, you must be a good critic regardless whether you wish to create or consume.

As a discerning reader can appreciate any good story also good writer can as well.

When we write we want to get have a thorough description of the scenes, of the characters, their appearance, thoughts, feelings and actions. This gives the reader a vivid landscape in their mind, anything less will not do. It is best to know the start and conclusion of the tale before beginning to compose it. From this we can craft a great story.

You might be wondering why we share this here, it is so we can invite readers to write, share and post stories they enjoy and authors to share their books. Readers can share through guest blog post, authors and prolific readers/guest bloggers are welcome to an author page and special access to posting so feel free to share in whatever fashion suits you. Sharing will make this blog more entertaining for all.

Vincent Price delivers this documentary as only this great showman could


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