Horror Art and Music – part I

parlor of horror

Horror Art and Music – part I

Horror art on album/CD covers can be found mostly in the world of metal music, with a few exceptions. I am not talking about the ‘hair metal’ bands of the 1980’s. I am talking about bands that lyrically, are not pop music and don‘t write for the expressed purpose of being on the radio – bands with a dark side and a more gritty commentary on the world.

I decided to break this into three posts. This post displays the more mainstream bands and their album cover art. The next post will have extreme metal bands (death metal/ black metal/ thrash). The last will feature several works each from particular artists and the album covers they’ve created.

Black Sabbath – Black Sabbath
This album cover used to give me the creeps… (Okay, it still does). I’d say that Black Sabbath started the trend…

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