Caroling Vampires and Snowmen Bring Christmas Joy to Maine

The Return of the Modern Philosopher

North PoleI have told you that Maine is a magical place, Modern Philosophers, and it feels even more so during the Holiday Season.

Maybe it’s all the snow, the Holiday decorations, and the way my fellow Mainers seem to be in better spirits.

Or maybe, it’s just the Otherworldly Beings.

I was feeding the kitties when the most beautiful sounds caught my attention.  I followed the melody to my front door, and discovered that I had Christmas Carolers!  This being Maine, however, meant it wasn’t just any old hodgepodge of singers gathered on the front porch of The House on the Hill.

I was being serenaded by Vampires and Snowmen!

They call themselves “The Bloody Cool Carolers”.  How’s that for a wicked fun name?

“No humans would sing with us,” Barthol, one of the brooding Vampire tenors lamented to this Modern Philosopher.  “We could explain ’til we were white in the…

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