Facebook Profiles and Pages for Writers


I have a Profile Page and I have my Author Page.. But I also have a some other pages, one about all things Goth as well as my Dracula page and another, which is very close to my heart, my ‘animal page,‘Carole Gill’s Compassion for all Creatures.

I rarely share my own writing on my Profile Page. I do share blog posts on it though that I have done. But I share all writing-related work on my Author Page

I want my profile page to be me and what I choose to share. I enjoy comments and questions. I post a lot of humorous things and sometimes, I post uplifting things–say a video about a dying homeless man who is going to be helped by a charitable group. I feel these sorts of posts are important. I don’t write 24 hours a day although it feels like it sometimes. There is a me that doesn’t just write. That’s the bit people will see on my FB Profile Page.

As for sharing others’ works, that I do on my author page.

What I hate: there are two kinds of posts on Facebook I happen to detest, those that are political and those that are racist. Please, keep your hate and your extreme opinions to yourselves. Okay?

I try not to be political. In fact, I am never political. However, I have some very strong views on trophy hunters right now just as a great many other people have. But I don’t rant at least.

Generally, like 90% of the time, anything animal-related goes on my ‘animal’ page.

People can choose to not follow my pages or they can choose to not follow me. they can even choose to unfriend me if they really wish to. I’d hate to see anyone go, but I’d choose to say, goodbye–take care.over restricting what I post.

I never, ever post an image which is distasteful. I hate to see them on Facebook and on Twitter. So I don’t do it. I share a lot of petitions and will upload a photo of a living animal over a dead one. I don’t want people to be distressed as I don’t wish to be.

Now, here’s the point of this post, I’d like to know from other writers how you handle  your Facebook pages and your profiles. I really would.

Thanks very much.


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