Writing and Not Writing!


I write and am published. Every so often my books are promoted. My publisher, decides when and that’s fine. But when they are scheduled, I go and hawk the hell out of them. I have to. I’m not Anne Rice or Stephen King and if there is no mention that a book or boxed set is greatly reduced, no one, unless they are clairvoyant, would know. I use the social networks to get the word out.

When the promotion is over, it’s almost a relief. I write whether I’m promoting or not, in fact, I always write. I do this because for the past several years, I have been producing books. Last year I got two new releases out (novels) plus a collection of stories.

I’m writing two books now. One is nearly done. I’m excited about it but because I do write at least 6 days a week, daily chapters–my husband sees to it that I take a break for a few weeks. There’s one coming up and I’m glad, but guess what?! My laptop travels with me!

Oh yes, I am too into the book to leave it at home!

Back to my main point. After a promotion, it feels good to take a breath and enjoy the networking on social media for what it is. Let’s face it, writing is pretty solitary. And being in contact with people, writers and others–even if it’s to share a funny quote or picture–well, it feels good. There’s a world out there that I sometimes overlook.

I do read, but when I finish writing my daily chapters, I am too tired to read. Reading is done late before I go to sleep. That’s when I can really absorb what I’m reading. It’s my special treat for the day.

Writing is not a job with regular hours. We can’t always write when we want to. But if we can make it a regular thing, it’s better. Still, whatever schedule we devise, we stick to it. It’s all part of the discipline.

I much rather write than promote, truthfully. I’ve learned to ‘like’ promoting. Challenges are good, it keeps me on my toes!


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