Dracula Speaks! by Carole Gill

The Bela Lugosi Blog


          I don’t know how many of these press releases Dracula is going to make. All I know is what the Szgany Gypsies tell me. They say that their master has always moved with the times and will be releasing statements to the press when he feels he should.

          There are so many versions of him, some good some not so good (in his opinion), he often feels the need to speak out.

          What follows is something he documented shortly after meeting Mr. Lugosi. Bela, ever the gentleman, was cast as Dracula in the 1927 stage play, premiering in New York as well as the 1931 film of the same name.

          Carole Gill, Author

Bat Head 2

 Count Dracula Statement

          ”He wrote to me and requested a meeting as a play was about to be done on the New York stage with Mr. Bela Lugosi cast as Dracula.


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