So You’re Writing!

This video is one of my faves. It’s about having unrealistic expectations about writing.

Let’s say you’ve started writing something. Perhaps you’ve done one chapter or possibly an outline if you’re sane enough to use one. The thing is, you have a novel you are working on.

Now, what you never know, until it happens to you (I have found) is that you won’t bloody want to write every day. You might want to write letters to friends, shopping lists–anything but writing your novel (or short story). In other words it’s far more fun to mess around on Facebook and Twitter or whatever networks you are addicted to, than to write.

Writing is effing difficult and doing it every day is damned hard sometimes. Did I say sometimes? IT’S ALWAYS HARD. It might be calling you forward, you might have enough thrill in you to be so excited about continuing on, but at some point, I am sure, you might want to put it off. I’LL WRITE LATER, I’LL WRITE TOMORROW, WITHOUT FAIL, I’LL WRITE IF IT’S RAINING…

What do you do if that happens? I find the best thing is to say, “I don’t feel like writing but I better write something.”

Even if it’s a paragraph or notes, WRITE SOME DAMNED THING! Write it and look forward to the book, story or poem, growing, becoming something finished that YOU created.

Most of this journey of writing toward publication is a learning experience. We learn every day, no matter what we’ve accomplished.

Okay? Guess what I’m going to do now! I’M GOING TO WRITE. I’m going back to my work in progress! Do I want to? Not always. Do I have to? Yes, because that’s what I do!


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