So, which circle of hell do I belong in?

Hard Book Habit

It’s actually really hard to tell, as I qualify for quite a few.

Firstly, hell has a vestibule, and no, while that does sound like a handy place for sinners to leave their coats and umbrellas, there’s a load of people running about in there instead. It’s for people who we uncommitted, fence sitters, forced to chase the banner of self interest whilst being stung by wasps and hornets. I’ve sat on the fence a few times. I could go there, but wait, there’s more.

Over the river Acheron and we are into the Hell proper, and the first circle in Limbo. I can’t stay there as I was baptised, and so even though I’m an atheist, I don’t think they’d let me stay.

The second circle is lust. I could stay there, especially as Lancelot, Paris, and lots of other hot guys from history are there. Although, there is…

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