Writing a Book While Writing a Book!


Last year I accepted a challenge to write one story a week for 52 weeks. I did it, too! This was aside from writing my novel, Justine: Into the Blood.

I wrote one story a week for 28 weeks, but then I switched over to writing stories (which became chapters) about a lunatic circus troupe. Those characters were based on a story I wrote  that is in my House of Horrors Anthology ,

That new novel, Circus of Horrors will be released within the next two weeks! The link will take you to a post I did about the upcoming book. Now, you can read the story that inspired that book free online here: Weirdest Show on Earth. 

This year I accepted a brand new challenge which officially began on New Year’s Day. Why you may ask. Well, I’m driven, obsessive and mad as well. But I find a writer has to be! Instead of writing individual stories, I am writing chapters in a new work, entitled Enchanted. So far, I have three chapters written.

Now, I’m realistic enough to know I may not be able to write consecutive chapters as I go along. I might have to spin the characters into separate stories. I will have to see. This is because I am also writing Book 2, Anat, Blood Princess in my Blood and Passion Series.

With regard to the new work, those of you familiar with what I write will know what to expect. It’s going to be dark and twisted but with some very dark humor. Each week I will put the synopsis and word count down here.

I find this is good for me. It focuses me on writing which is why I write. It’s so easy to get sidetracked and forget why I write.

Anyway, here’s where I am so far:


When Jo’s husband goes away on business she is enticed into the woodland that borders their new home by a tiny elf. It’s all very pleasant until it gets dark and she wants to find her way back home asap.


Jo meets some of the others including the queen. Some flying creature attacks her. She’s hurt but she’s returned to her home.  Thinking she imagined it all, she feels the deep lacerations in her scalp. The worst isn’t over because something is next to her in the bed and it wants to touch her (her husband is away J )


Despite thinking she imagined the thing in the bed, Jo goes to the doctor to see about her scratches. She has a prescription filled. She has no idea that the chemist has a brace of woodland creatures under the cash register nor does she know many have already taken up residence in the loft and cellar.

Wish me luck!  xx


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