The Shining Still Shining And Scaring The Hell Out of Us!

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jack shin

The Shining, a perfect film for Halloween or anytime! It is so well-crafted, directed and acted; it is just as hard-hitting and chilling as it ever was.

Now, I read the Stephen King novel first and truthfully that is a long time ago. I remember it is different than the film. I Intend to re-read the novel but it is the film I am discussing now.

I love the characters that go crazy in King’s stories. Jack Torrance in the great tradition of Annie Wilkes of Misery, is on a fast slide to hell. She was a nutty nurse who most probably had Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy. The writer she is keeping prisoner for her own insane reasons discovers she was put on trial at one time. It’s a chilling moment. Such people draw attention to themselves. They seek it for some reason. I saw that film when the horrific…

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