Halloween Comes Early! House of Horrors Only 99 cents!

MARSocial Author Business Enhancement Horror Post

house of horrorsdemon-239

100K words of stories of vampires, zombies, murderous midgets, demon clowns, evil dolls, haunted cemeteries, a real shop of horrors, taxidermy gone haywire, serial killers and more! Your worst fears and nightmares dished up for you with extra helpings of blood-curdling terror! CIRCUS OF HORRORS, NOVEL BASED ON SOME CHARACTERS TO BE RELEASED SOON!

Excited? Good! 

Now enjoy the excerpt from Dark Lord:

“She saw him in the doorway, all glowing and brilliant. His magnificent bronze wings fluttered in greeting. Who said all demons were bad? “Sit down, Dark Lord. I was just having breakfast.”

He looked quiet this morning, which was alright. She didn’t mind carrying the conversation. In fact she didn’t mind anything as long as she was away from her mother’s sick room.

Fifteen years caring for her mother. Listening to a lost life, a life lived and ended sadly when illness and old age finally encroached upon…

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