Lilith Wanted To Be On Top!

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She did, honest! I’ll get to that in a moment. But first a word about vampires.

There have, it seems, always been vampires. There are tales from all over the world, throughout time. Every culture both ancient and modern, tells of these creatures.

That gets me thinking. If they spring from fear and ignorance, why are there such striking similarities among them? They all drink blood, after all. They don’t really differ from place to place or time to time very much.

The legend of Lilith appears in ancient mythology as Lilitu (Babylonian and Assyrian). And although, not in the bible, she was thought to be Adam’s first wife or possibly his steady lady friend, if you’ll excuse the jest. She apparently was such a feminist according to that legend, she insisted on ‘being on top’, whereby a disgruntled Adam sulked, complained to the Almighty and Lilith was sent packing.

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