Can Eroticism Be Emotional As Hell?


There’s a lot of erotic fiction around, a great deal of it in the paranormal romance and horror genres. I have plenty of eroticism in my four novels in The Blackstone Vampires Series. And if that’s the case, I have even more in my brand new series. I am just readying the first novel in the series for my publisher, Creativia.  It should be out shortly.

The novels in the series cover a lot of ground–they span much of the world too. Vampires get up to a great deal. I find that erotic sex isn’t always moving though. And when it isn’t I find it’s mechanical, that’s not something I want. The sex I am writing about is as steamy and erotic as it has to be. Vampires do more then pet on the first ‘date.’ They are wanton, wildly sensuous creatures. I am determined to make the reader feel the emotion I am attempting to convey in my writing.

I want the reader to feel what my characters feel. Not only the degradation and threat of destruction from those who control them (in whatever way) but their own feelings of hopelessness. They may not have hearts that beat and they may subsist on blood, but they do have feelings.

The sexual desire is unstoppable between certain vampires (in my fiction). The longing, the passion, the touch of their bodies along with the very sensual feeding, I think, makes for a great deal of very emotional eroticism. The more emotional, the more highly erotic it is in my opinion. And the more it is, the greater and more unforgettable the story is.








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    • Sorry, i missed this!
      I try for weekly, but so much writing. I promise to do it weekly now!
      Thank you so much!

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