Vampires: A Magnificent Obession



We fear yet we are drawn to these highly sensitive creatures. Creatures whose hearing is so acute, they can hear your breath from the next world! Their taste buds scream for that salty liquid they covet–that warm, thick nectar of life that will gives them one more day or a century or millennia.

They are the darkest dreams we dare to dream. They are those creatures who dwell in a world beyond ours, a world where there is no death–only pleasure in the gift of the blood.

But is it a gift? Perhaps, it is a gift in that they are undead, yet–we see they are damned. That is the major aspect for me that I so enjoy exploring in my fiction. They are damned. How they react to that damnation is what I examine. It gives me my characters and storyline because they are so complex. There are so many questions we can explore. That exploration becomes the story.

The questions we ask are intriguing: are they sexual beings? Can they be? Should they be? I say yes, I say they are decadent beings who are drawn to sin and corruption because they are sin and corruption! They are the spirits of the underworld, the harbingers of bloody death—they are our greatest fear and our worst addiction it seems. We have a magnificent obsession for these deadly creatures. We know the danger yet we love them. That is real obsession!

Tread carefully in the night—be alert to all the dangers therein for such are these creatures that they are upon you drinking you dry before you have even felt their bite! Hear my words and by all means, come closer if you dare!



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