I Took Up a Challenge to Write 52 stories This Year!


Am I nuts, well it helps. I do write a chapter a day as it is! That’s for a new series. I’m finishing book 1 in it now and am still writing my weekly story. The challenge came over Christmas and I took it because I couldn’t resist.

Challenges are good, they force us to push ourselves, to try different things. As long as we don’t go off the rails, we can learn a lot. I’m actually enjoying writing a story a week. It’s not as difficult as you think. I’ve discovered a black humor side to my horror I had no idea existed. I’m killing people off right and left that I can’t stand. And it is a cartharsis. It’s just naughty fun!

I keep a folder for all the ideas and just work them up.

Here is a link where you can see my progress.


So far my stories are short story length and not flash fiction, although there is nothing wrong with flash at all. In fact, I wrote a great many stories a few years ago that were all flash (they had to be) and I was surprised at just how complete I found the stories to be.

Flash is good practice for any writer, beginner or not. You have in a lesser word count, a complete story. There’s a beginning, a middle and an end which according to Hollywood producer, Sam Goldwyn, was what every story should have. I agree with that.

Last week, I committed myself to turning in a story for an anthology, due during the summer. Even as I said, “Of course, I will…” I wondered (briefly) if I could. Well since then I have my story ideas down and will work it up until it’s fully fleshed out.

I guess you could say the point of this post today is to go for it. To try your hardest. No one knows what they can accomplish until they try. If you’re writing a novel, novella and short stories–just keep them all in separate folders and work on each when you have time. After awhile you will have your completed project and the satisfaction of knowing you did it! And why not, too? How do we know how far we can go if we haven’t tried?!

 ~Carole Gill




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